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Odisha, now known as Odisha. It is a heritage and culturally rich state in eastern India. To attract tourists from all parts of the world compete with the boundless beauty of the land. Odisha has a long list of beaches, biosphere reserves, temples, museums, and other tourist destinations. The ancient temples are more and more in tune with religious beliefs. The coastal architectural wonders of this coastal state offer forts and temples and the natural beauty of the sun is the beaches and serene lakes. If you are planning places to visit in Odisha and do not know where to start, here is a list of places that cannot be skipped.

Visiting Places In Odisha :

If you have made up your mind to visit Odisha, then we will make you aware of such places where you will be very happy to walk. We will tell you about the famous places in Odisha and historical places in Odisha which you will see here below.

1.Bhubaneshwar, Odisha :

Odisha places to visit

Bhubaneshwar is the capital of Orissa. It is known as the Temple City of India. Bhubaneshwar is one of the best tourist places to visit in Odisha. It is a land which is more than 2500 years old. There is a mixture of ancient monuments and modern constructions. People say that there were more than 2000 temples in Bhubaneswar in the past. Many of those temples were destroyed by Muslim invaders. There are Dhauli Hills, Udayagiri and Khandagiri Caves, Ratnagiri Buddhist Excavations, Bindu Sarovar, Nandan Kanan Zoological Park, Satkosia Tiger Reserve, and temples of Mukteshwar, Lingaraj, Brahmeshwar, and Parashurameshwar. Which attracts tourists to its side.

2.Sambalpur, Odisha :

Odisha places to visit

Sambalpur is known for its natural splendor and cultural sites. Which is one of the important tourist destinations of Odisha? The gateways to western Odisha are the best gifts of nature to the lush green forests and picturesque waterfalls in the land. It has Hirakud Dam, Cattle Island, Chiplima, Huma, Samaleshwari Temple, Vikramkhol, Hatibari and Debarigarh, and Ushakothi Wildlife Sanctuary. Who has won the hearts of people with their beauty?

3.Puri, Odisha :

visiting places in Odisha

Puri is the perfect place for those who like to roam by the sea. It is one of the original Char Dham which has importance in Hinduism. Puri is famous for heavy footprints. Puri is known for its sun-kissed beaches, centuries-old temples, and local bustling markets. For nature lovers, the beautiful beaches in the land can be a center of attraction. Here Puri Beach, Puri Beach Festival, Puri Jagannath Temple, Chilika Lake, and Birds Sanctuary, and Gundicha Ghar Temple are very famous places.

4.Rourkela, Odisha :

visiting places in Odisha

Rourkela is one of the largest cities in Odisha. It is called the second largest city of Orissa. The place is mainly known for steel plants and allied industrial development. Home to the largest steel plants in India, the place gives you information about its rich cultural past through some of its amazing tourist destinations. It also draws tourists along with old temples, parks, dams, and waterfalls. This place is perfect for visiting Darjeong, Nehru Traffic Park, Ved Vyas and temples of Vaishno Devi, Hanuman Vatika, Mandira Dam, Pitamahal Dam, Badgahar Falls, and Khandadhar Falls.

5.Konark, Odisha :

visiting places in Odisha

Konark is a center of ancient arts and crafts. When you think of Konark, your mind goes to the Sun Temple. The discovery of the finest artwork and sculptures of the Konark Sun Temple is definitely one of the major reasons for a visit to Odisha, especially for art lovers. Konark has some other ancient temples on its land for both history lovers and religious minds. This place is good for visiting the Archaeological Museum, Surya Dev and the temple of Ramchandi, Chandrabhaga Beach.

6.Barbil, Odisha :

places to visit in odisha

Barbil is situated on the banks of the Karo River and is surrounded by lush green hills. It is in Keonjhar district. Which gives spectacular views in Barbil. It has the credit of having the world’s 5th largest iron and manganese deposits. There is a 38000 million-year-old rock here, which is the oldest in the world. Favorite places are Hawa Mahal, Gonasika, Thakurani Hills, Durga Mahadev Falls, Uliburu Reserved Forest, and Hanuman and Shiva temples.

7.Jeypore, Odisha :

places to visit in odisha

Jeypore is one of the delightful tourist destinations of Odisha for nature lovers. If you want to enjoy some of nature’s best work. This beautiful land among the hills is pictorial. It is known for its mesmerizing views of rocky outcrops, picturesque waterfalls, and lush green biosphere reserves. Deomali, the highest peak in the state, is another popular picnic spot in Odisha which is not far from Jeypore.

8.Cuttack, Odisha :

places to visit in odisha

Cuttack is one of the old cities and popular tourist destinations of Odisha. It was the former capital of Orissa. Apart from the ancient monuments, Cuttack has a wide range of tourist attractions as it is home to picturesque sites and pilgrimages. It is also famous for handicrafts and cuisines. Besides this, the place also has local handicrafts. Famous places like – Mahanadi Barrage, Barabati Fort, Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary, Ansupa Lake and Singanath and temples of Bhattarika.

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