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The Baton Rouge Great Museum is home to an excellent restaurant with the capital of Louisiana. Which is located on the banks of the Mississippi River and home to the destroyer USS Kidd. The USS is part of the Kid Veterans Memorial. Where visitors will get to see the old mansion. Which includes Magnolia Plantation (1791). Which is one of the area’s oldest and state capital buildings? Many fun things to do in the city. Outside enthusiasts will be seen. Visitors will find many places to visit in baton rouge such as LSU Tiger Stadium, LSU Museum of Art and Louisiana Art and Science Museum.

Visit Baton Rouge:

If you have made up your mind to visit baton rouge, then we will make you aware of such places where you will be very happy to walk. We will tell you about the tourist attractions in baton rouge And places in baton rouge which you will see here below.

1.LSU Museum of Art, Baton Rouge:

places to visit in baton rouge

The LSU Museum of Art on the fifth floor of the Shaw Center for the Arts is set to welcome visitors with stunning attractions. Fourteen galleries occupy 13,000 square feet of space. Which has a magnificent fifteen-foot high ceiling? It contains many collections such as Chinese jade carvings, numerous works of Clementine Hunters, pieces of Newcomb College Pottery, and more. Where you will see the art museum. You will get to see and enjoy the nightlife. Where you can stay in luxury hotels for a few days. And enjoy their food.

2.Louisiana Art & Science Museum, Baton Rouge:

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The Louisiana Art and Science Museum has an art gallery, a science gallery, and a planetarium located on South River Road. And a museum located in a historic 1925 railway station attempts to educate the visiting visitors. The Egyptian Gallery is a fairly popular exhibition with ancient artifacts and extraordinary mummies. The Irene W. Pennington Planetarium serves many purposes. For visitors of all ages, this is a great place to visit. A number of places to go in baton rouge will be found in the educational programs of the museum such as classes, lectures, and workshops.

3.LSU Tiger Stadium, Baton Rouge:

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LSU Tiger Stadium is an outdoor stadium located on West Stadium Drive on the campus of Louisiana State University. Which is known as the “Death Valley”. It is considered the home of the Louisiana State University Tigers football team. Prior to 1924, sports were held at State Field on the old LSU campus, but in 1924 the new Tiger Stadium opened to a population of 12,000 spectators. Since then it is considered the ninth-largest stadium in the world. The capacity of which has been increased to 102,321. The stadium features 27 x 80 HD video boards that were added in 2009, an 8,000-square-foot Jeff Boss locker room, and LSU strength and conditioning facility.

4.Mike the Tiger Habitat, Baton Rouge:

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Mike the Tiger Habitat Louisiana State University with a spectacular view on North Stadium Road. The original tiger, Mike I, lived in a small 2,000-square-foot enclosure in the early 1930s in 1956. Mike died in 1956. Then later in 2005, a new residence was built. Which is 15,000 sq ft in size? Where you will get to see the view of the waterfalls. Where currents flow from between rocks. The backdrop of the residence is an Italian tower in keeping with LSU’s architecture. Visitors can spend all their time with pleasure.

5.USS Kidd, Baton Rouge:

Visit Baton Rouge

The USS Kid is a Fletcher-class destroyer that was launched in 1943. Which was named “The Pirate of the Pacific”. Who was killed in the USS Arizona during an attack in Pearl Harbor on December 7 in 1941? The USS Kidd saw many battles on the Pacific during World War II and was re-commissioned in 1951 only for use during the Korean War in 1946. This time in 1964, the USS Kidd was chosen as a memorial to Louisiana World War II veterans. Visitors can get information about the history of the city here.

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