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Washington is known for its largest city, Seattle. Sleeping volcanoes such as Mount Rainier rising above the horizon. Where on the Olympic Peninsula is still standing in the lush green landscape of Hoh Ren Forest? And charming cities like Leavenworth, Bellingham and Port Angeles each offer a unique set of attractions. But the Emerald State is also home to a surprising number of scenic spots. The San Juan Islands and Puget Sound provide for the Pacific Northwest Parade escape. The Pacific Northwest has places to visit in Washington with city life, world-class attractions, national parks and more.

Washington Places:

If you have made up your mind to visit Washington, then we will make you aware of such places where you will be very happy to walk. We will tell you about the tourist attractions in Washington and beautiful places in Washington which you will see here below.

1.Seattle, Washington:

places to go in Washington

Seattle is one of the popular destinations for visitors. The largest city in the Pacific Northwest can be best known for Starbucks. Downtown, ban on fresh produce and fish catch at Pike Market. Visitors will find a lot to see and do. The center is perhaps one of the most unique museums for wooden boats. Because it offers you the chance to learn how to install and row, sail and repair in an ancient sea craft. Museums will find places such as Living Computer Museum, EMP Museum dedicated to modern culture, Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park, such as places to go in Washington.

2.Spokane, Washington:

places to see in Washington

Spokane is located close to the border with Idaho on the eastern side of the state. Which is the largest city in Washington? Riverfront Park in Spokane was home to the 1974 World’s Fair. Which is spread over 100 acres. Including many outdoor attractions as well as a small but selected number of cultural activities. And the sensational cover Spokane Falls. Spokane Falls can get a spectacular aerial view from the Skyride. Some of the city’s major attractions include John A. Finch Arboretum, Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture and Spokane Falls are places to see in Washington. And hikers can tackle the 40-mile paved Centennial Trail along the scenic Spokane River at Riverside State Park.

3.The San Juan Islands, Washington:

Washington places to visit

San Juan Island is an amazing place for history, culture, and shopping. Art lovers will be able to see many spectacular attractions including Waterworks Gallery, San Juan Islands Museum of Art, Island Studio Art Gallery and Arctic Raven Gallery. More shopping is available at Kings Market, Funk, and Junk Antiques and Dan Levine Originals. You can relax along the seashore. You can enjoy seafood. You can do water kayak. Washington places to visit Friday Harbor, Rocher Harbor are two centers for food and sightseeing.

4.Olympic National Park, Washington:

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In Olympic National Park, you should try to see the lush green forests and rugged mountain ranges. A highlight of the trip to the Olympic National Park is the Hoh Rain Forest, where you can see herds of elk roaming the landscape. This huge UNESCO World Heritage Site covers many distinct ecosystems. Including strenuous back-packing trails from one campsite to the next. And some scenic spots include Sol Duke Falls and Sol Duke Salmon Cascade. There are three lake cruises on Quinault Lake. And Quinault is a coach tour of the Rain Forest, which will give you a chance to see a lot of wildlife including black bears.

5.Gig Harbor, Washington:

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Gig Harbor is a small town on the edge of Gig Harbor Bay on Paget Sound in Washington. Called “the gateway to the Olympic Peninsula”. And has developed into a popular tourist destination. Take a tour in the parks, spend some time in the charming city, which stands on its historic coastline with fancy boutiques, gourmet restaurants, cafes, and bars. Take a stroll along the docks, sit at an outdoor table at one of the many coffee shops, and enjoy the view of the harbor of Mount Rainier or the boats in the snow-covered slopes. Hop on a Riviera cruise, or rent a romantic gig Harbor Gondola. Those who love history can learn more about the city’s past from the Harbor History Museum or Gig Harbor Peninsula Historical Society.

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