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Colombia will please visitors from the sandy beaches of the Caribbean and Pacific coasts to the Andes Mountains and the Amazon rainforests. A decade or two ago, Colombia was not on the tourism map because it was not a safe place to travel. The government is working hard to change the image of the city. In this country of contrasts, you will encounter snow-capped Andean peaks, tropical Amazon forests, turquoise Caribbean coasts, and two sun-kissed deserts. You will be attracted to places to visit in Columbia whose view you would not like to ignore. Visitors can enjoy stunning views from the cities of Cartagena and Medellin to the places between the serene colonial villages of Salento and Mompox.

Columbia Places:

If you have made up your mind to visit Columbia, then we will make you aware of such places where you will be very happy to walk. We will tell you about the beautiful places in Columbia And historical places in Columbia which you will see here below.

1.Cartagena, Columbia:

historical places in Columbia

Cartagena is a bustling city full of travelers. Where every million passengers come to travel. Where Kathleen Turner’s character Joan Wilder made her Columbian feat debut in Romancing the Stone. When it was one of the major Caribbean ports of the 16th to 18th centuries. Here, visitors can spend their time in luxury hotels. Where you will get to visit the labyrinthine roads. And the bastions are vase-covered balconies with Catholic churches. Beyond the center of the old city lies Gatsamani, and along the sea is Bocagrande. Where upscale condos and hotels fight for prime marine real estate.

2.Medellin, Columbia:

beautiful places in Columbia

Medellin was home to the infamous Cocaine Cartel of Columbia during the 1980s and 1990s, considered one of the most dangerous cities in the world. But when drug lord Pablo Escobar was released in 1993, Medellin began burying his troubled past. The city has cable cars connecting settlements in its hills, which beat a modern metro system, lush “eco-parks” in the valley below, and libraries and community centers in some of the poorest neighborhoods. Located in the Andes in the narrow Abura Valley, the city has an average temperature of 24 ° C / 72 ° F throughout the year. And you can see the collection of sculptures donated by 23 Columbian artist Fernando Botero in the city.

3.Tayrona National Park, Columbia:

places to go in Columbia

Tayrona National Park is a wonderful place for nature lovers. Which is located on the northern Columbia coast. Which is known for its palm-shed coves and crystal-clear coastal lagoon? Most beaches are set against the dramatic mountains of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Teocron La Piscina Beach and Cabo San Juan have excellent places for snorkeling in protected areas. The park is also popular with ornithologists who visit the Andean Condor, a threatened species. The park is great places to go in Columbia for you, derived from the tires, a native people who made their mark at many archaeological sites including Pueblito Charama.

4.Bogota, Columbia:

Columbia place

Bogota sometimes referred to as the “Athens of South America”. Which was founded in 1538 by a Spanish explorer? Which was first inhabited by indigenous people. You can start your journey from the historical center of La Candelaria. Where you will see the magnificent buildings of Plaza de Bolivar. Located at 2,640 meters (8,660 ft) in the Andes, Bogota has many attractions in the Columbia place to entice visitors. Which includes a planetarium, a Golden Museum, a botanical garden, cultural events, and a thriving nightlife.

5.Popayan, Columbia:

Columbia places to visit

Popayan is one of the most popular cities in Colombia. Which is located in southwestern Colombia with a spectacular view. Sometimes referred to as “Ciudad Blanca” (White City). Established in 1537, its mild climate quickly attracted wealthy Spanish families, who built mansions, schools, churches, and monasteries. In Columbia places to visit you can spend the whole day touring and Maundy can provide a beautiful view of the nightlife along with the Thursday procession. Iglesia de Ermita is the oldest church in the city, built-in 1546. While Iglesia de San Francisco claims to be the most beautiful.

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