Best And Top 10 Places To Visit in West Virginia | Visiting Places in West Virginia

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West Virginia is filled with scenic mountain scenery and outdoor activities nestled between the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Ohio River. Whose visitors wait all year long. You will find rivers for long walking. And there will be playgrounds for fishing. In winter, ski resorts offer a range of snow sports. Which the visitors cannot ignore. The surrounding areas offer a variety of destinations. Despite the small population, it is one of the best places to visit in West Virginia for visitors. Who claims to be special in itself. Which is open for your visit at all times. And visitors can learn about the city from their perspective.

West Virginia Places:

If you have made up your mind to visit West Virginia, then we will make you aware of such places where you will be very happy to walk. We will tell you about the tourist attractions in West Virginia and beautiful places in West Virginia which you will see here below.

1.Charleston, West Virginia:

West Virginia places to visit

Charleston is the largest city in West Virginia with a capital. The city has had a permanent settlement since 1788, making it a long and interesting history. The State Capitol Building is located in a beautiful location with a calm water view. The city will see old buildings displaying a variety of architectural styles. Visitors can spend their time in many places such as the Avampto Discovery Museum and the West Virginia State Museum. And many West Virginia places to visit like Cato Park, Kanawha State Forest and Coonskin Park. Where Charleston has some fantastic restaurants, bars, and cafes scattered around the city.

2.Harpers Ferry, West Virginia:

places to go in West Virginia

The Harpers Ferry Potomac and Shenandoah rivers lie at the meeting point. The city is notable for being the site of John Brown’s abolitionist rebellion in the 19th century, as well as being the center of industry. Which is a scene of many historical things with old buildings and important sites in the show which attract visitors? The visitors come to know about the role. Where he enjoys the magnificent forests. The park is situated in a very beautiful location with rivers, mountains, and beautiful rail views. Which is for you long hiking, fishing, whitewater rafting and boating places to go in West Virginia.

3.Blackwater Falls State Park, West Virginia:

best places in West Virginia

Blackwater Falls State Park has recreational activities for visitors. Whose visitors can enjoy watching as well. The park’s name comes from the falls on the Blackwater River located in the park. The Allegheny Mountains cover the area with the Canaan Valley and the Blackwater River centered around it. One can go hiking 20 miles to enjoy some difficulty. There will be more fishing opportunities. Blackwater Falls sled run is the best places in West Virginia in winter activities. Camps can be held overnight in the park. And situated on Blackwater Falls, white jets of water stand happily against the greens of the trees shining on the river banks.

4.Berkeley Springs State Park, West Virginia:

places to see in West Virginia

Home to the Berkeley Springs State Park Mineral Spa, which has been used for eons. The park’s bathhouse was first opened in 1930. Long known for its medicinal powers. The hot mineral springs flow at a constant temperature of 74.3 degrees Fahrenheit. The bath contains 750 gallons of mineral water in a private ceramic-tiled tub. The state park has been used as a health resort for over 250 years, with the first bathrooms dating back to 1784. In addition, visitors can search for many places to see in West Virginia. Where there is a Jacuzzi tub, massage services, a swimming pool, and a sauna.

5.Morgantown, West Virginia:

best places in West Virginia to visit

Morgantown in Virginia is one of the popular destinations in the north-central west. Which is located in a valley on the banks of Monongahela River. And the University of West Virginia is a college town and home. Where visitors come every year. And enjoy the spectacular scenery. Dorsey’s Knob Park is a 71-acre park with a beautiful view of the river. Where visitors can go on a picnic during their holidays. We can spend our time touring. Morgantown is the best places in West Virginia to visit with many outdoor activities including the West Virginia Botanical Garden and Cheat Lake Trail.

6.Huntington, West Virginia:

west virginia place to visit

Huntington is home to several notable tourist attractions for visitors along with Marshall University. And the Heritage Farm is also home to the museum and the village. Where you will get to know about history. Which increases the curiosity of visitors. Visitors can measure the city with a tour. And provide a great view of outdoor activities. Visitors can catch a concert or athletic competition at the Big Sandy Superstore Arena or enjoy shopping at the shops at Huntington Mall. Which teaches guests about the culture and history of Appalachia.

7.Parkersburg, West Virginia:

West Virginia best places to visit

Parkersburg is a small and luxurious city in the northwestern part of the state. Which provides all facilities for visitors. So that he can enjoy his journey. The city hosts festivals and events every year. Such as the Mid-Ohio Valley Multicultural Festival, Taste of Petersburg and the Parkersburg Homecoming Festival. Many museums are called Parkersburg homes, including the Henry Cooper House, the Blennerhasset Museum of Regional History, the Sumnerite African-American History Museum, the Veterans Museum of the Middle Ohio Valley, and the Artcraft Studio. Outdoor activities include Fort Borman Historical Park, Southward Park, Blennerhasset Island Historical State Park and Bicentennial Park West Virginia best places to visit.

8.New River Gorge, West Virginia:

place to go in west virginia

The New River Gorge is an area of ​​large protected forest where there will be a view of creatures besides green trees. The park encompasses well over 70,000 acres along the new river, which is a rugged whitewashed river. Which has many popular climbing areas with over 1,400 established trails? The park has over 50 miles of hiking and multi-use trails and two visitor centers. Other popular activities in the New River Gorge include canoeing, fishing, birdwatching, camping, hunting and more. Where visitors may lose themselves during the journey.

9.Coopers Rock State Forest, West Virginia:

best place to visit in West Virginia

The Coppers Rock State Forest Jungle is a place providing a spectacular view. The park derives its name from a fugitive who was hidden by law near the park scene. The park’s land is available for recreational activities as well as forestry research. Hunting in the forest and fishing in a stocked pond is permitted. There will be a beautiful view of Cheat River Gorge in the park. Which offers views of the Gorge and the surrounding areas. The best place to visit in West Virginia to see wildlife including owls, foxes, turkeys, and deer.

10.Kanawha Falls, West Virginia:

cool places in west virgini

Kanha Falls is the largest waterfall in the state. The falls are only 15–20 feet high. The falls are made up of several blocks where water is kept all the year-round. The area has several other falls, including two roads located along US Route 60, one along the Riggs Branch, and the other along an unnamed side stream. A beautiful view of the waterfall can be seen by boat. However, visitors can get a distant view on foot. During the dry season, the springs are not as wide as some of the water is transported to a nearby power plant. Cathedral Falls, Mill Creek Falls, and Sandstone Falls are all located nearby.

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