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Annapolis is also home to the museums and historic sites of Annapolis Maryland as the state capital for the past 350 years. Where you will get to see the park and art scenes for walking. Which hosts festivals including a romantic dinner under the stars. Annapolis is also known as the “Sailing Capital of America” ​​and for good reason. In places to visit in Annapolis, you will find the US Naval Academy, the Old Senate Chamber at the State House, the affiliated Academy Naval Museum, the Annapolis Maritime Museum, the William Pack House and the Garden.

Visit Annapolis Places:

If you have made up your mind to visit Annapolis, then we will make you aware of such places where you will be very happy to walk. We will tell you about the tourist attractions in Annapolis And places in Annapolis which you will see here below.

1.Quiet Waters Park, Annapolis:

tourist attractions in Annapolis

Quiet Waters Park is spread over 340 acres with beautiful views. Which is on the southwest side of the inlet on the South River. And the Blue Heron Center, the park’s indoor facility, available for weddings and other events. Where visitors can spend their time in the forest. One can take a walking tour on the winding paths of the plains. Gems Lighters Gazebo is a great place to enjoy, situated on the banks of the delightful light pond. Where you will also see children’s playgrounds. The park can prove to be an excellent place for a picnic on your holiday.

2.Maryland State House, Annapolis:

places in AnnapolisThe Maryland State House in 1779 is steeped in history. This is where George Washington tendered his resignation as chief of the Continental Army in 1783. The Maryland General Assembly convenes at the Maryland State House for three months each year. It can be one of the famous places for visitors. And in 1960 the State House was designated a National Historic Site. It also served as a venue for the ratification of the Treaty of Paris, which officially ended the Revolutionary War. The State House is open to visitors every day from 9 am to 5 pm.

3.Annapolis Towne Centre, Annapolis:

Annapolis places to visit

The Annapolis Towne Center is located less than four miles from the city. The Towne Center holds regular trunk shows, performances of all kinds, music, film, drama, and lectures on any given day. Where there is something for everyone, from clothes and handcrafted furniture to fine olive oil and eco-friendly pet food. You can enjoy the music. You can shop in the shops. There are 18 restaurants to choose from. Luxury townhouses, apartments, and condominiums are housed in state-of-the-art buildings. As is a 46,000-square-foot building for commercial use. Additionally, 11 famous hotels are just a short distance away.

4.William Paca House & Garden, Annapolis:

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Built-in the 1760s by William Paka, this Georgian manor house is today recognized as one of the finest 18th-century houses in the country. In 1901, the property was converted into a hotel and became a luxurious hotel for visitors. Using historical scholarship, the 2-acre colonial William Pack Garden has been restored to its former glory. William Paca was not only a signatory to the Declaration of Independence, but also served as the third governor of Maryland. The place was recognized as a National Historic Site in 1971.

5.The Kunta Kinte – Alex Haley Memorial, Annapolis:

Annapolis places to visit

Author Alex Healy wrote about African American history and dealt with the issue of racism in his writing. The Memorial has three parts: the sculpture group, the story wall, and the compass rose. The sculpture group is housed along the Chesapeake Bay, which houses Annapolis harbor. The story wall is made up of ten granite-framed markers, topped with bronze plaques. Compass Rose is 14 feet in a bronze map of the world. Visitors of the compass can stand in the center. Which is one of the Annapolis places to visit for visitors?

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