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Save Your Money by Selling the House Without Realtor


One of the main worries of the homeowner while selling a house is the abnormally high commission fees of real estate agents. Nowadays, homeowners want to sell their homes independently to avoid the unbearable and unnecessary costs of selling the house. It is possible, but it takes work. You need to have a lot of knowledge and experience in the real estate market to sell the house profitably on your own.

Certain factors enhance the chances of selling your house at profitable margins, such as advertisements and renovations. However, every buyer you will come across may need to be more transparent and faithful. It would be best to screen the potential buyers before finalizing the deal. For more information, visit the website

Why is Advertisement important?

Advertisement acts like the icing on the cake for selling the house. It plays a vital role in connecting homeowners with potential buyers. There are multiple online and offline platforms on which you can advertise the sale of your house at affordable prices. The offline platform includes newspapers, magazines, and posters which will cost you much money. However, on the internet, there are several online portals on which you can advertise the home sale without paying any heavy price. You can also create your website to advertise the sale of your house.

Why is it necessary to screen the buyers?

Screening buyers is equally important as setting a deal. Initially, you may be overwhelmed with the calls from hundreds of buyers after listing your property through advertisement. But you have to be careful while screening them for credibility. There has been an immense rise in scams and frauds regarding home selling. The best solutions for this problem are-

  • To check the home loan eligibility of the buyers. Only after confirmation of eligibility should you proceed to deal with serious negotiations.
  • Verify the documents and identity proofs of the buyers, like copies of bank statements, financial statements, professional licenses, documentation, and other certificates.
  • Screen the advertisement respondents by their ability and likelihood to buy your house.
  • Check the buyer’s necessary education, licenses, certifications, and experience.
  • Determine the ability of the buyer to meet the expectations of closing day payments.


Thus, you can successfully screen potential buyers through advertisements by considering the above points. Selling the house on your own will save you money and give you significant experience in real estate marketing

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