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Things to know before selling your house here in Imperial Beach

Selling Your Home

Imperial Beach is a residential city that is surrounded by several beaches. This place is famous for its tourist spot, the Imperial Beach Pier. The place is situated in the County of San Diego. To sell your house in this city, it is better to contact a real estate consultant company just like the one about whom it is mentioned, Your Home for Money. This estate consulting company has its head office in Ridgegate Row in La Jolla in the state of California in the United States of America. This company serves only in the areas of San Diego County. To contact this for different information, click on the link below-

Who owns the company?

The company has owned a Latino or Latin American resident who supports the LGBTQ community.                                                       

Different facilities given by this company are-

  • They provide the cash offer within 24 hours after the inspection and thorough checkup is done.
  • There is no involvement of any brokers, and don’t ask for extra fees or commissions from the owner for the services they provide, such as looking for buyers for your house.
  • Their services are fair, meaning they only provide an obligation offer if anyone is willing to accept the cash offer.

  • They take full responsibility for your house, from repairing to selling it.
  • They buy your house as-is, meaning whatever the condition is, they will buy your house only if the conditions favor their eligibility criteria.
  • Their process is pretty fast, so if the owner approves the cash offer, the deal will be settled within a minimum of 7 days.
  • The owner can choose the day when the deal will be closed.
  • Their process is confidential and private. That means they won’t share anything about your house information or inform the brokers or buyers about your house.
  • They pay the closing costs.
  • They pay the price of your house entirely in solid cash.

To conclude, the duties mentioned earlier performed by the company are beneficial for the landlords or owners of different properties here in Imperial Beach.

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